• general

    PSA: Property Rights

        Please, by all means, let’s hear the counter arguments, justifications, and attempted loopholes used to circumvent this… “You CAN draw the properties of others all your creative little

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  • artist_general

    A Brief Word About Artwork

      In the never-ending battle for artists to be paid, here is a handy and brief explanation for those that still may not grasp the concept. It’s called artWORK for

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  • sketch_saturday_004

    Sketch Blog Saturday: Catching up

    Hoo-boy it’s been a while! Yes, I seem to say that a lot whenever I make a blog post, I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me apologize for it.

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  • twd_ssn6_2

    TWD: Season Six Speculations

    I’m going to start this off here with a little disclaimer. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and you: aren’t current on your episode watching whine about people

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