• rad_wolverine

    Random Acts of Drawing: Wolverine

    Today I officially began use of a table chart which I made several months ago. I call it my Random Acts of Drawing Generator. On this chart I have a

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  • all_about_the_do

    All About the Do

    It’s difficult staying on task sometimes. By “sometimes” I mean “every single waking moment of every day.” I often have so many ideas and plans in my head that I

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  • Gazette1

    Changes, 2017

    Happy New Year from deep within the confines of the blast zone! We have a whole lot of changes coming here so buckle up and hold onto your butts boys

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  • the_zombie2

    Facebook, Abridged

    Facebook; where you see things in your newsfeed liked by friends you barely have contact with from pages you don’t care about, and are kept from seeing things you said

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  • journey_part2

    A Journey of eXtreme Intensity: Part II

    The Intensest Pitch Ever… Kid Intense II: Extreme Intensity Written by: Timothy Gula Audience: Mature Tag line: It’s not INTENSE, it’s EXTREME Pitch: Unknown to Richard Kane, the sky diamond

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